Year 5 Explores Physics at the Senior School

Year 5 Explores Physics at the Senior School

On Tuesday, our eager Year 5 scientists had an exciting outing to the Physics department at the Senior School. In a change of setting, they delved into the dynamic world of physics, guided by the expertise of the senior team. Their lessons for the day revolved around a fundamental physics concept: friction.

The pupils extended their knowledge about friction through tangible examples they could relate to, from the thrill of water slides and hovercraft to the high-speed world of F1 cars. The senior team expertly linked these real-world examples to the scientific theory behind them, helping the children understand how friction affects various aspects of everyday life and technology.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly when the children got to put their knowledge to the test. Drawing on what they had learnt, they got hands-on experience constructing their own mini hovercrafts and got the opportunity to actively see the concept of friction and at work in their own creations. They even got to ride on a hover simulator around the lab, expertly piloted by Dr Scott!

Thanks to the Senior School team for having us, we had a blast!


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