Year 6 Bookmark Their Time at Prep

Year 6 Bookmark Their Time at Prep

The Year 6s were treated to a special science project to mark the end of their journey in the Prep School. Every member of 6DS and 6NS made a bespoke resin book mark using natural materials obtained from the school grounds as a memento of their time here.

Mrs Hills-Matthews and Mrs Rowe picked some of the Caterham flowers, pressed and dried them for the project. Some pupils chose to add mini shells and glitter too. As is the way with scientific experiments, you learn by mistakes, and in this case some of the glitter reacted with the resin (pink was a particular unforeseen foe) and prevented it from setting properly! Undeterred, remedial measures and replacements were made and glitter was then consigned to ‘prototype status’.

We learned how the resin forms a polymer when it reacts with the hardener, which you have to add together in equal quantities and stir for at least five minutes. We used specialist silicone moulds and repositioning tools to ensure our designs with the flowers and shells were correctly placed and then we waited for them to set.

The Year 6s have been fantastic with their science experiments and investigations this year, and the results of this last experiment certainly did not disappoint. They are beautiful and really capture a moment in time from the pupil’s last term in the Prep School.

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