Year 6 Head to France

Year 6 Head to France

On Friday 15 March, Year 6 went to France. In preparation for the trip we practised our French vocabulary and French fruit and vegetables. We played games to help us learn in a fun and quick way. There were so many things to learn; it was hard work but definitely necessary.

By the time we got to the market, we were already tired from the drive, having left school at 5.00 am. The market was called Étaples Sur Mer. In our groups we went around with a teacher, then purchased our lunch. Each group had a set amount to spend and had to collaborate with each other about what to buy. In our group we bought freshly roasted chicken, fresh strawberries, baguettes and so much more. Sadly we could not eat the food immediately as we had to drive to our next destination, just half an hour away.

We arrived at an aquarium called Nausicca in Boulogne. It is the largest aquarium in Europe. We ate our lunch- the food we had purchased in the market- and everyone commented on how delicious it was, especially the strawberries. After lunch we went around the aquarium in our groups with a teacher. It was amazing. We saw lots of fish, jellyfish and best of all, penguins. My group spent so long looking at the penguins, but we couldn’t help it because they were so lovely and cute.

After we finished looking around, we went into the gift shop and then back onto the coach to our next destination- a snail farm called L’éscargôtiére du Choquel. We found out some interesting facts about them such as snails have 13 000 teeth and have no eyes. Next, it was time to taste them and believe me I was not enthusiastic about that. I did eventually try one but it didn’t taste good at all. Some people absolutely loved them but others didn’t.

It was finally time to go home. After a long day we were all tired and wanted to get back. It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

(Written by Ella-Year 6)

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